Simulation-based calibration histogram

Just a quick note, it looks like some of the arguments for diagnostics.plot_sbc_histograms() are not working in the current version. Customizing n_row and n_col has no effect on the output, and providing them to trainer.diagnose_sbc_histograms via plot_args (e.g. plot_args = {"n_row": 3, "n_col": 4}) gives the following error:

TypeError: plot_sbc_histograms() got an unexpected keyword argument 'n_row'

Hey, Mason, it seems to work for me for the function from the diagnostics module (I haven’t checked the one from the Trainer, which will be deprecated soon). The correct way to do it is, for example:

plot_sbc_histograms(post_draws, prior_draws, n_row=3, n_col=4)

(not through the dictionary)